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Pool Fencing Brisbane

Upgrade the aesthetic and safety of your pool with Singh Fabrications expertly crafted steel or aluminium pool fencing. With over three decades of experience, our team has established a reputation for delivering exceptional quality and customized solutions to Brisbane residents. Our knowledgeable specialists will guide you through the vast selection of materials and designs, and craft a fence that seamlessly integrates into your property, meeting both your functional and aesthetic needs. Visit our showroom in Brisbane to see our products in person or schedule a consultation today!

Our Range Of Pool Fencing

Our range of pool fencing designs presents a variety of options, including the classic two rail design, the timeless 19mm picket style, and the versatile multi-rail design, complemented by decorative elements such as circular or spear accents. To meet the needs of different properties, we offer standard heights of 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm, in panels measuring 2400mm in length. Moreover, we offer a vast array of powder-coated color options, allowing you to complement your home’s architecture or landscaping scheme.

To complete the look, custom-made swing and sliding gates are also available!

Singh Fab's process

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Site Visit

We undertake a comprehensive site survey to meticulously document all the critical aspects and dimensions.


We present a refined conceptualization of your new design for consideration and approval.


Your comprehensive quotation will be promptly developed and presented for your consideration!

Queensland Regulations

In Queensland, strict regulations govern pool safety, requiring pool owners to construct fences that are at least 1200mm in height and have no more than a 100mm gap from the ground level. Additionally, horizontal rails must be spaced at least 900mm apart or placed inside with gaps no wider than 10mm. To further safeguard against potential accidents, pool gates must have automatic closing and latching devices, be built with durable and impact-resistant materials, and restrict access to young children.

We offer exceptional service that sets the standard in the industry.

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